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Recession Proof Affiliate Marketing

Nov 19, 2008 09:40 AM EDT

Our CEO Scott Kalbach wrote an article for our blog yesterday, that's a very compelling value proposition for merchants not yet looking at AvantLink as their Affiliate network. For those that aren't aware, AvantLink does not charge monthly minimums or any other fees for Standard Integration. This is a true performance marketing platform...
Most merchants are preparing for what could be a major recession. If you’re responsible for your company’s online marketing, chances are that you will or already have been asked to analyze where best to spend your online marketing dollars. So how can AvantLink help, and why should I invest my marketing dollars in AvantLinks’ performance marketing Affiliate network?
  1. True performance marketing.
  2. Thorough network level Affiliate screening.
  3. Industry leading support.
  4. Innovation.
  5. Brand protection.
Read full article: Online Marketing in Uncertain Economic Times



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