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Blog Roll Announces Partnership with GoldenCAN!

Sep 28, 2011 09:10 PM EDT

We are excited to announce our partnership with GoldenCAN to offer affiliates our entire Product Data Feed, Coupons, Recent Price Drop Products and Search Box in only One Line of Code.

Click here to see the page at GoldenCAN

Below is an example of what it looks like to use GoldenCAN to build your Home page.

GoldenCAN Data Feed integration
You can display our entire Data Feed on your website with only one line of code provided by GoldenCAN Data feed integration. Your users will be able to browse through our entire catalog and find exactly what they are looking for, without leaving your website.

Coupon Integration
Use GoldenCAN Coupon Integration to display our latest Coupons, Promotions and Recent Price Drop Products on your website. Once you add one line of code on your website you will always have our latest coupons displayed on your site and you never have to update it again.

Search Integration.
GoldenCAN Search integration enables you to add a search box on your website with our entire catalog. Your users will be able to search from our entire inventory and find exactly what they are looking for without leaving your website. Remember the conversion rate of a search box is much higher as compare to regular traffic.

Sample Stores:

1. Data Feed Integration Sample
2. Coupon Integration Sample
3. Search Integration Sample

Advance Features (GetData, GetRSS & GetXML):
If you are familiar with a programming language such as PHP, ASP, ASP.Net or Java, you can use GoldenCAN GetData, GetRSS or GetXML features to display the complete pre formatted HTML for the Store on your website with only a couple of lines of code. GoldenCAN GetData feature will add spider able contents on your website and you will get the SEO benefits from it.

This service is offered to you on click-through basis. For every 4th click generated from a store towards the web site, GoldenCAN will replace your affiliate site id with their and subsequently receive affiliate commission should the 4th click convert into a sale/order/lead.

Click here to see affiliate FAQ on

Need help using GoldenCAN?
Contact Support at

With over 30 years of experience at the top of the jewelry industry, the team knows the American jewelry market better than any online player. offers thousands of jewelry styles for every budget, carefully selected to suit the American market, has a product selection that can't be beat at the lowest prices online, guaranteed.'s discerning customers can discover amazing rings and earrings, knock-out necklaces, and brilliant bracelets with pearls, more-all at fantastic prices. In addition to offering unbeatable prices on a broad selection of jewelry items, prominently features America's leading designers and private collections with new designer sample sales and flash sales featured every week.

    Useful Sales Tips:

    Affiliate Program Details:

    • Up to 15%  Affiliate Payout!
    • $268 Average Order Size
    • Promotional landing page URLs
    • Custom offers, custom link, vanity coupons and vanity price labels all available upon request
    • Professional and consistently updated selection of creative banners and text links
    • Special Offers Feed available through PopShops
    • Keyword Policies: Affiliates may not bid on tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may not bid on phrases which include tradenames (or misspellings). Affiliates may use the destination URL in the advertising links. Affiliates may use the tradenames in ads.

The affiliate program is available at Google Affiliate Network.



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